Piotr Potocki

MA (Glasgow), MLitt (St Andrews)

Thesis title: The Catholic Church and Scottish Politics, c. 1878–1939
Supervisor: Prof. Colin Kidd

This project examines the social and political priorities of the Catholic Church in Scotland as they developed in the years between the restoration of the Scottish Catholic hierarchy in 1878 and the beginning of the Second World War in 1939. The research focuses on the political attitudes of Scottish bishops and the ways in which the hierarchy and church bodies sought to assert Catholic presence in public life. The major research questions are as follows: firstly, how crucial a role did the clerical leadership play in the development of Catholic political engagement, particularly as regards Catholic participation in school board elections until the passing of the 1918 Education (Scotland) Act; secondly, how successful were the Church authorities in standing above ethnic and class divisions within the Catholic community; thirdly, to what extent were the views of the Scottish hierarchy consistent with international Catholic trends. Through systematic study of Church records and Catholic periodicals, this thesis aims to redress the historiographical imbalance in the existing literature on Scottish Catholicism, as well as to provide new insights into the degree of ideological coherence amongst Catholics and their engagement with modern Scottish society.


Conference and Seminar Papers
Scottish Catholics and the Great War at the Institute of Scottish Historical Research Seminar, January 2015
Catholics and Their Church in Scotland, 1878-1939 at the Institute of Scottish Historical Research Reading Weekend, March 2014

Research Awards
Gibson-Sykora Scholarship, University of St Andrews (2013-16)

Tutor: MO2008 Scotland, Britain and Empire, 1500-2000

Internship: Institute of Scottish Historical Research, 2014-15
Organiser: Institute of Scottish Historical Research Reading Weekend, March 2015