Liz Hanna

Thesis Title: Matters in Britain: King Arthur and the Politics of Sovereignty in Medieval Scotland
Supervised by: Dr Katie Stevenson (with Dr Rhiannon Purdie, School of English)

This thesis will examine representations of King Arthur in the historiography, culture, and imaginative literature of Scotland during the later Middle Ages. It will analyze how Arthur’s is depicted in the chronicles of John of Fordun, Andrew of Wyntoun, Walter Bower, John Mair, Hector Boece and his translators in comparison with the two extant Scottish Arthurian romances – Gologras and Gawane and Lancelot of the Laik. I will assess the degree to which Arthur is accepted in the Scotland during the later Middle Ages as a historical king as well as a cultural and literary figure in light of relations with England and the wider world.