Research Funding

Individual Allowances

All Diploma and Master’s Degree students, (including first-year MPhil students) receive an annual allowance of £150 for essential photocopying, travel to libraries and other expenses. Research postgraduates in the first, second and third year of their studies (including second-year MPhil and MSt(Res) students) receive an allowance (£400 per year for full-time students and £200 per year for part-time students) to help with costs arising from research (e.g. travel to archives, library & conferences; reprographics; essential software - which must be cleared with the Director of PGs in advance; language training etc.; but not routine living and commuting expenses). Research students in their fourth year of study can claim for minor research-related expenses (photocopying etc.) up to a maximum of £50. These allowances can be claimed through Mrs Elsie Johnstone in the School Office (tel 462907; e-mail: Receipts must be produced for all expenditure for which reimbursement is sought and students must make sure that their claims fall within the guidelines laid down by the university. Monies cannot be carried over and must be claimed by the end of the University's financial year (31st July). It is the student's responsibility to ensure that any claims are received before this deadline.

Students who have successfully submitted and defended their PhD dissertations are also entitled to have the cost of binding their dissertation reimbursed by the School (up to a maximum of £50 per student).

Discretionary Funding for PhD-Students

Twice every academic year, (November and April) PhD students in the School of History will be invited to submit applications for discretionary funding to help with expenses incurred while conducting research for their theses. Students should note that this funding is separate to the individual research allowance which is given by the School each year.  In order to be eligible for the Discretionary allowance, the School allowance must be used up or pre-allocated first.  Application forms will be sent out by the Postgraduate Secretary, prior to the relevant deadline, for consideration by the Postgraduate Committee.

Students can only apply ONCE in the academic year for Discretionary Funding. 

Funding will not be given to students for attending supervisory meetings if they choose to live outwith St Andrews.         

Applications from full-time PhD students will only be accepted during the first, second and third year of their studies.

Part-time PhD students can apply during the first six years of their studies.

Under exceptional circumstances, the Postgraduate Committee will consider applications from full-time students in their fourth year and from part-time students in their seventh and eighth years of study. In such cases awards will not be made for expenses incurred for the completion of the thesis, but only for activities connected with exposing finished research to a wider academic audience and thus aiding the student's career development.

The maximum award that can be granted to any one application from a full-time student is currently £325.00. Part-time students will receive a maximum award of currently £162.50 per application.

All applications must be fully costed and supported in writing by the applicant's supervisor. 

Recipients of the Awards must submit all receipts BEFORE 31st July.


University Guidelines and Student Expenses Claim Form