University of St Andrews


Ryan Holmes

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Supervisors: Dr Darren McCauley, Professor Nicholas Hanley & Professor David Paterson


Research Title

The Political, Economic and Environmental Implications of a Transition Towards Liquefied Natural Gas as a Marine Fuel.


Impending International Maritime Organization (IMO) emissions regulations are necessitating a transition away from conventional oil-based fuels used for marine propulsion, towards an alternative fuel source.  Among the available alternatives, liquefied natural gas is an increasingly attractive and viable option.  My research will examine the global implications and resulting political, environmental and economic ramifications of a transition from conventional oil-based fuels to the widespread utilization of liquefied natural gas. 


My previous academic work includes a BBA from the University of Mississippi, a MBA from Troy University, and a MSc in Energy Management from the University of Stirling.  Prior to coming to Scotland, I worked for over 7 years in the energy sector in the United States.