University of St Andrews


Rika Haga

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Supervisors:  Dr Darren McCauley & Dr Eion McLaughlin


Research Title

Cleaning up the legacy: Exploring the intergenerational impacts of nuclear decommissioning operations


There are 138 civilian nuclear power reactors had already been shut down in 19 countries worldwide, only 17 of them are reported to have completed the process thus far. Many decommissioning operations are deferred for decades due to technological and financial difficulties as it is a long-lasting, complicated process, due to highly toxic remains of radioactive molecules. I seek to examine the history and policies of nuclear decommissioning and waste management processes in the UK to identify the socio-economic impact of the clean-up operations. The overarching goal of the project is to shed more light on intergenerational justice and responsibilities regarding the decommissioning operations, which is a major socio-economic challenge that extends far into the future. 


After working for advertising industry based in Tokyo for many years, I have decided to come back to studies and completed MsC in Global Social Change at the University of Edinburgh in 2014. New-comer to the academic world, but hopefully my previous experiences in the international business arena will benefit my research outcome.