University of St Andrews



I am a lecturer in physical geography, specialising in glaciology. I joined the University of St Andrews in September 2016 after three years as a NERC funded postdoctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sheffield. I obtained a PhD in glaciology, also from the University of Edinburgh, in 2013 and a BA in Geography from the University of Cambridge in 2008.


  • Advisor of Studies (BSc Geography)


Research Interests

My research to date has focussed primarily on the Greenland Ice Sheet, and in particular on the processes that control and complicate its response to climate change, including:

  • The circulation of warm ocean waters deep within in Greenland’s fjords, the role of these waters in melting marine-terminating glaciers, and the importance of this process for glacier stability
  • The drainage of meltwater through the ice sheet, including the formation of subglacial drainage channels and their influence on subglacial water pressures and ice sliding velocities
  • The rate of erosion beneath the ice sheet, and the implications of this for long-term landscape evolution


Teaching Interests

  • Monitoring and modelling environmental change
  • Glaciology and geomorphology