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Photo of Tobias Börger


Tobias joined the University in 2016 having previously worked as environmental economist in the Sea and Society group at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and research assistant at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. He holds a degree in economics (MSc equivalent) from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a doctorate in economics from Hohenheim. During his degree, Tobias spent a year at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to study Chinese language.

In his previous positions Tobias has worked in a number of research projects in Europe and Asia using stated preference techniques to value environmental goods and services. In his doctoral research he studied to what extent responses to a contingent valuation survey to value reforestation benefits in China can be distorted by the impact of social desirability. At PML Tobias worked on several UK and EU-funded research projects, dealing with the assessment and valuation of marine ecosystem services and cost-benefit analysis of environmental policies in the marine sector.



Research Interests

Tobias’ research interests are mainly in the application and improvement of environmental valuation methods. He applies behavioural, psychological and experimental concepts to increase the validity of environmental valuation methods, such as contingent valuation and discrete choice experiments. Beyond that he is interested in making use of the ecosystem services approach to the practical valuation of environmental goods. 

Having spent two years in China doing fieldwork, he is particularly interested in environmental and development policies in China and wider East and Southeast Asia.

  • Environmental valuation, particularly stated preference methods
  • Choice modelling
  • Environmental cost-benefit analysis
  • Behavioural economics
  • Ecosystem services
  • China and Southeast Asia


Teaching Interests

  • Environmental economics

Postgraduate Students

  • Rebecca Shellock (University of Exeter)