University of St Andrews


Dr Matthew Sothern


I graduated with a B.Sc. and M.Sc (hons) in Geography from the University of Auckland before leaving for Seattle to undertake Ph.D. work in Geography at the University of Washington, which I completed, along with a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies, in 2006. My research interests sit broadly at the intersection of post-structural political theory (esp. Queer, Gender and Disability theories) and critical cultural geographies of the body.

Empirically, I have been interested in what Disability Studies theorist Rosmarie Garland-Thompson calls “the extraordinary body”, those bodies that are materially unable to approximate the ideal of the liberal political subject. To date this work has centered on examining the ways in which HIV prevention strategies work to interpolate a normative subject – one that is capable of performing an ethical self-governance in the name of public health.

My current project, working with Mike Kesby Current work involves:  (a) investigating the logics of risk management in blood donor selection, (b) testing the feasibility of practice-based screening in blood donor selection and (c) examining the experiential dimensions of living with an organ transplant.


  • Director of Teaching
  • Ethics Officer for Geography & Sustainable Development
  • First Year Co-ordinator


Research Interests

  • The Body 
  • HIV/AIDs 
  • Queer Geographies 
  • Cultural Geographies of Neoliberalism


Teaching Interests

  • Health Geography 
  • Gender and Sexuality 
  • Poststructural Political Theory

Postgraduate Students

  • Gavin Griffiths