University of St Andrews


Photo of Katherine Ellsworth-Krebbs


My research centres on sustainable consumption and theories of change, focusing on everyday life, domestic energy, and higher education institutions. My interest is in exploring how expectations of everyday (home) life evolve and become increasingly resource intensive. How can we steer these practices to be more sustainable? How do low-carbon technologies 'fit' into normal rhythms and systems? How does the understanding of home comfort differ temporally and spatially?  I am beginning work on Transition Universities and linking practice with research in higher education institutions, partially informed by the Living Labs agenda.

I have an undergraduate degree and PhD in Sustainable Development, both from the University of St Andrews. Much of my research is characterised by innovative methodology, whole-household interviews, house tours and online methods to inform socio-technical investigations of practices. 

I previously worked as a Research Fellow for the Centre of Housing Research at the University of St Andrews and as Research Facilitator for Transition University of St Andrews.




Research Interests

  • Desirable home life and implications for domestic energy demand
  • Prosumption, the everyday of microgeneration technologies and empahsisng the need to look more at renewable heating
  • Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions


Teaching Interests

  • Sustainable consumption
  • Domestic energy demand
  • Sustainability in our University and community
  • Prosumption & microgeneration
  • Theories of change, focus on practice theory