University of St Andrews



  • BSc (Geography) Leicester (1986) 
  • PhD (Scottish Late-glacial Moraines) St Andrews (1990) 
  • Research Fellow, St Andrews (1990-1993) 
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Aberdeen (1993-1999) 
  • Reader in Geography and Geosciences, St Andrews (1999- present)


  • Currently Professor of Glaciology at the University Centre in Svalbard, with a 20% position at St Andrews


Research Interests

  • Response of debris covered glaciers to recent climate change, with particular reference to glacier lake outburst flood risk 
  • Dating and climatic implications of former glacier margins in the Everest region, Nepal and Tibet 
  • Precambrian glacigenic successions: implications for the Snowball earth hypothesis 
  • The palaeoclimatic implications of glacier fluctuations 
  • Modelling calving and dynamics of water-terminating glaciers


Teaching Interests

  • Glaciology and glacial geology 
  • Meterorology and climatology 
  • Atmospheric pollution
  • Scientific methods