University of St Andrews


Photo of Craig Smeaton


Following a first degree in Natural Resource Management I undertook a Masters at the University of Dundee and Flinders University (Australia) where I worked on carbon cycling in man-made aquatic systems. In 2013 I undertook a NERC funded PhD focusing on quantifying carbon storage in Scotland’s fjord sediments. 

I am currently a Research Fellow on two projects funded by NERC and the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government project is a continuation of my PhD where we aim to refine the carbon stock estimates and better understand the temporal and spatial dynamics of carbon in Scotland’s coastal ocean. The C-SIDE (Carbon Storage in Intertidal Environments) project is funded by NERC and sets out to understand the UK’s saltmarsh carbon stocks and what processes govern the development of these stores. 



Research Interests

My research focuses on carbon in inter-tidal, coastal and shelf systems over multiple timescales (Holocene to present day). Through the investigation of the sediments we can better understand the rates at which carbon is buried and the magnitude of the carbon the stores within these environments. An area of particular interest is understanding the role of the terrestrial environment in the development of these coastal marine carbon stores.  I explore this topic by bringing together methodologies from sedimentology, marine geophysics and geochemistry.