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Postgraduate Opportunities

Environmental Economics

We welcome applications for study towards a research degree from candidates with an excellent academic background. The list of projects below indicates the range of interests of our staff, but you are also welcome to suggest your own project in a related area. In the first instance, please contact the relevant member of academic staff to discuss your ideas.

More details on the application procedure are available here

If you have an enquiry about the application process, please contact Mrs Helen Olaez.

Modelling invasive species and diseases

Supervisor:  Professor Nick Hanley

We are interested in undertaking further work on economic modelling of invasive species and diseases to complement our BBSRC project on forest diseases. The work could include integrated ecological-economic modelling, choice experiments or real options.

The Role of Social norms in Environmental Policy

Supervisor: Professor Nick Hanley

We have already published work on the effects of social norms on household recycling decisions. We are interested in extending this to consider the possible effects of social norms (along with morals and self-interest) in determining behaviour under environmental policy.

Re-designing agri-environmental policy

Supervisor:  Professor Nick Hanley

We are interested in the use of payments to encourage the spatial coordination of sign-ups to agri-environment schemes, but also in the use of outcome-based payments and conservation auctions.