University of St Andrews

Public Symposium on Ice, Climate and Sea Level Rise

Wednesday 07 December 2016

Public understanding of the science of climate change is of vital importance, due to the potentially devastating consequences of glacier mass loss and sea-level rise and the need for appropriate planning and mitigation strategies.

Professor Doug Benn has been awarded funding from SAGES (Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society) to hold Symposium on Ice, Climate and Sea Level Rise at the University of St Andrews in May 2017, to raise public awareness of the range and importance of glacier research in Scotland. The symposium will consist of a series of talks and posters on different aspects of glacier response to climate change, with a particular focus on communicating the 'big picture' to non-specialists. Invitations will be extended to representatives of Scottish and Local government, with a view to fostering links between academics and decision and policy makers.

Photo of Glacier Front