University of St Andrews

Geography undergraduates attend the RGS Explore weekend

Tuesday 04 December 2012

The RGS Explore weekend is the annual expedition fieldwork and planning weekend organised by the Geography Outdoors team at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

The weekend is aimed at young people (especially undergraduate and postgraduate students) who are looking to plan field research. The weekend acts as a starting point for hundreds of exciting journeys and fieldwork projects, providing inspiration, contacts and practical advice. The weekend featured workshops and one-to-one sessions providing advice on a range of issues, including: logistics and safety, medical precautions, fundraising, route planning, and how to share your journeys through, words, images and social networks. Moreover, the weekend featured skills workshops on Human, Biological and Earth Sciences as well as GIS and mapping in the field.

The photograph below shows (left to right), Edward Morgan (4th year Geography), Amy Kincaid (3rd year Geography) and Phoebe Mottram (4th year Geography).‌

Photo of geography students