University of St Andrews

Centre for Population Change (CPC) to contribute to ESRC’s Future of Scotland Project

Monday 19 November 2012

As part of the ESRC's Future of Scotland Project, CPC have been successful in bidding for additional funding for a new programme of work that is directly relevant to the overall Future of Scotland Project's aims.

Professor Allan Findlay, from the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews, will be taking forward research that will show how immigration is viewed by employers, and how immigration is viewed differently in Scotland than in England.

Recent trends in migration between England and Scotland will be analysed to identify how migration - and in particular student migration - might change after independence, and expert-based projections will estimate how changes to migration might affect Scotland's population, labour market, and society.

The ESRC's Future of Scotland Project is a major programme of work addressing issues around the future of Scotland. The work will provide robust independent research based evidence. The research will aim to both inform the debate in the run-up to the referendum and assist in planning across a wide range of areas which will be affected by the outcome of the vote, whether for independence or the Union. These include voting, culture and identity, business intelligence, fiscal and monetary policy, policy development, building of new constitutional arrangements, and defence and administrative practice - particularly in public service delivery.

Further details are available here.