University of St Andrews

St Andrews researchers in the Baltic Sea

Friday 28 September 2012

Dr William Austin (Reader in Physical Geography) and Dr David McCarthy (Research and Teaching Fellow in Physical Geography) recently joined a research cruise to the Baltic Sea aboard the Swedish Research Vessel Skagerak, accompanying colleagues from the University of Lund, Sweden (Dr Helena Filipsson) and the University of Bremen, Germany (Dr Jeroen Groeneveld).

Work on the samples collected during this research cruise continues at the Scottish Oceans Institute, where the project team have been developing novel experimental systems to test for the effects of salinity changes on foraminifera living in the Baltic Sea. These experiments will yield new insights into global sea-level change when the Baltic Sea is drilled by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program ( in 2013.

The photograph below shows (L-R) David McCarthyWilliam AustinHelena Filipsson processing seafloor sediment samples aboard the RV Skagerak during September 2012, Bornholm Basin (photograph credit: Jeroen Groeneveld).

Aboard the RV Skagerak in Baltic Sea