University of St Andrews

Phoebe Mottram, undergraduate student awarded Henrietta Hutton Research Grant and Norman Kemp Travel Scholarship

Monday 21 May 2012

Congratulations to Phoebe Mottram, a third year BSc student in the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development, who has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s Henrietta Hutton Research Grant and the University of St Andrews’ Norman Kemp Travel Scholarship to support her undergraduate dissertation research.

The research for her dissertation, which will be titled Fady and the future: the threats facing southern Madagascar’s sacred forests and spiritual taboos, involves spending two months of this summer in the spiny forest region of southern Madagascar. Phoebe will be conducting interviews and holding focus groups with community members, village leaders and key stakeholders in two villages. Her aim is to understand how and why the sacred forests and spiritual taboos (known by the Malagasy word ‘Fady’), which are nurtured and protected by most tribes, are now threatened.

The Henrietta Hutton Research Grant is awarded to only one undergraduate student in the UK each year. The Norman Kemp Travel Scholarship is part of the University of St Andrews scheme to support exploration by junior honours students.