University of St Andrews

McCauley invited to join pan-academic expert Nuclear Consulting Group (NCG)

Wednesday 09 May 2012

The NCG group comprises many leading academics and experts. It is collectively concerned at the current ambition of the planned new-build Nuclear Renaissance in Britain.

In this context, it argues that there exists a range of other sustainable, viable and pragmatic energy futures: where offshore wind, waves, tides, biomass and photovoltaics collectively offer the potential to harness enormous energy resources.

The group aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build issues. It seeks to ask questions that need to be answered, including: how will significant ‘what if’ issues — such as nuclear fuel supply and manufacture, vulnerability to attack, accident and incident, rad-waste, radiation risk, decommissioning, reactor siting, nuclear costs and liabilities — be taken into account?

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