University of St Andrews

Should a Sustainable Green Future include Nuclear?

Tuesday 08 May 2012

Dr McCauley begins a five year EPSRC [EP/I035390/1] sponsored project (2012-2017) to explore the ‘Future of Nuclear Power’ with a presentation in Liverpool on Wednesday 9th May.

There has been a resurgence of interest in further expanding the use of nuclear power in both developed (especially in the UK and US) and developing (most notably in China, Japan, India and South Korea) countries as an energy source. However, the Fukishima nuclear plant crisis has recently called such an expansion into question. What does the future hold for nuclear power?

Dr McCauley and Dr North (University of Liverpool) lead up this core work package as part of a larger multi-institutional project exploring the adaptation and resilience of energy systems in the UK. For further information, please e-mail lead contact Dr McCauley or alternatively click here for other contacts.