University of St Andrews

International Climate Change Project Funded

Thursday 08 March 2012

Congratulations to Jo Brendryen (University of Bergen, Norway) and partners (including Dr Bill Austin, Head of Department) who have recently secured funding (NOK 1m) for a new three-year project.

The INTERACT project "Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice sheet interactions in the polar north, 50-150 ka BP: Implications for global climate system processes" will see researchers from Norway, Sweden, the UK and USA working collaboratively to develop an improved understanding of the time-scales of climate change using a combination of tephra (volcanic ash) markers, climate archives and absolute dating methods (U/Th).

Pictured below is the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland by Charlotte Thorup Dyhr, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland.

Volcanic Ash Cloud in Iceland