University of St Andrews

Phones for Forests

Monday 13 February 2012

A new and innovative program, Phones for Forests, which aims to recycle old mobile phones for field data collection in African forests, has been implemented by researchers in the Department of Geography and Sustainable development.

A data collection app, powered by Cybertracker software has been written by doctoral researcher Michael Musgrave and will allow information on the phenology of 10 forest species in western Zambia to be collected over a two year period. Owners of old smartphones, running Windows mobile 5.0 and higher are asked to donate these to the project so that they can be refurbished, loaded with the app and sent to field technicians in Africa. "Collecting basic phenological data over a wide geographic area will help us understand how forests respond to climate change at a level seldom studied in Africa." said Mr Musgrave.

For further information and how to donate a phone, please select the Phones for Forests website.