University of St Andrews

DGSD Geoinformatics at GIScience 2016 conference

Wednesday 05 October 2016

Dr Jed Long and Dr Urska Demsar recently participated in the GIScience 2016 conference held in Montreal, Canada.

They both presented their own work at the GIScience conference.
Jed Long gave a presentation on "A Field-Based Time Geography for Wildlife Movement Analysis" and Urska Demsar on "Time-Geography in Four Dimensions: Potential Path Volumes around 3D Trajectories". 
They each organised and ran their own workshop, Jed on Analysis on Movement Data (AMD) and Urska on Understanding Spatial Data (Big and Small) with Visual Analytics. Urska's workshop is followed by a call for a special issue of Information Visualization journal on Visual Movement Analytics, which she is co-editing. Jed is also co-editing a special issue following his workshop, which is going to appear in the International Journal of Geographic Information Science and is on the same topic as the workshop, Analysis of Movement Data.
Finally, they were both invited to each chair a session of the main conference, Jed on Algorithms and Urska on Human Dynamics.
Apart from Urska and Jed, three other former DGSD academics were also presenting at the conference:
  • Dr Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka, a former St Andrews PhD student and currently a postdoc at the Urban Big Data Centre at the University of Glasgow, gave a talk in the AMD workshop on "A route map to calibrate spatial interaction models from GPS movement data". This was a part of her PhD thesis, which she successfully defended in St Andrews in June 2016.
  • Dr Jing Yao, formerly a postdoc in DGSD and currently lecturer at the Urban Big Data Centre at the University of Glasgow, presented her work on "Location Optimization of Fire Stations: Trade-off between Accessibility and Service Coverage" in the main conference.
  • Dr Carson Farmer, also formerly a postdoc in DGSD and currently assistant professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, presented in the main conference on "Hierarchical Prism Trees for Scalable Time Geographic Analysis".
  • Taylor Oshan, previously RA at St Andrews and currently PhD student at the Arizona State University under supervision of Professor Stewart Fotheringham (also previously at St Andrews), presented on "A closer examination of Spatial Filter-based Models".