University of St Andrews

Professor Graeme Whittington retires from Emeritus Chair in Geography

Friday 02 September 2011

Graeme Whittington, who joined the Department of Geography at St Andrews in 1959, has retired from Emeritus Professorship after 52 years of service.

Graeme was appointed Assistant in 1959 then promoted to Lecturer in 1962, Senior Lecturer a decade later and Reader in 1980. He was awarded a Chair in Geography in 1995, and on his retiral the following year was appointed Emeritus Professor. He served as Head of the School of Geography and Geology between 1987 and 1990.

Graeme is remembered by Geography graduates as someone who was utterly dedicated to teaching, research and student welfare, by colleagues as a man of scrupulous integrity and fairness, and by academics in his field as an outstanding researcher who combined insight with tenacity in unraveling the history of vegetational and environmental change in Scotland. During his period of formal ‘retirement’ he continued to carry out research on aspects of past environmental changes in Scotland, and maintained an impressive record of publication in academic journals. All those who know him will, I am sure, join us in our best wishes for his retirement from Emeritus Professorship.

Professor Colin Ballantyne