University of St Andrews

Nuffield Science Bursary Project 2011: Calum Winter (Bell Baxter High School, Fife)

Wednesday 03 August 2011

Calum Winter, currently in his sixth year at Bell Baxter High School (Cupar, Fife), recently completed a successful Nuffield Science Bursary Project in the School of Geography and Geosciences, working alongside Dr William Austin (Head of Department) and Dr Robert Wilson (Senior Lecturer).

Calum’s project was entitled: “Seasonal temperature variability in the NE Atlantic region” and involved the data analysis of multiple climate time series from both ocean and atmospheric records. Calum will present highlights from his project at a celebration event which is being hosted by the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh on 5th September.

The photograph below shows (from left to right) William Austin, Calum Winter, Robert Wilson.