University of St Andrews

New CHR Policy Briefing on Immigration Act 2016

Wednesday 14 September 2016

A new policy briefing on the impact of the UK Immigration Act 2016 has been produced by DGSD undergraduate research intern Mariya Simeonova, and Drs Sharon Leahy and Kim McKee.

Entitled: 'Immigration Act 2016 - more harm than good?', it highlights critiques of the legislation, which have emphasised the potential for further entrenching segregation in British society, and tensions and infringements of the devolved powers of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments.

Supported by the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development and the University of St Andrews, these research assistantships aim to provide research-based developmental work for the intern related to ongoing research or teaching projects. In doing so, this programme highlights the way research and teaching can come together by introducing undergraduates to research activities.

For more information about the briefing, and CHR's related work on the Right to Rent provisions of the Act, please contact Dr Sharon Leahy.