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Sabater, Graham and Finney win EAPS Poster Award at the European Population Conference 2016

Monday 05 September 2016

Albert Sabater, Elspeth Graham and Nissa Finney won the Award for the Best Poster Presentation recently at the European Population Conference 2016

The poster was presented at the European Population Conference 2016 and entitled The Spatialities of Ageing in Britain: Is Residential Age Segregation Increasing (PDF, 1,417 KB).

In their poster, the authors emphasise that the relationship between age (or social generations) and residential geographies remains an under-researched field of empirical enquiry, despite growing concerns that demographic and institutional changes have led to the social and spatial separation of extra-familial generations. Their empirical work, using 2001 and 2011 census data for England and Wales, reveals that the level of residential separation between older and younger age groups has increased since 2001, and that geographical separation between older and younger groups is growing predominantly in urban settings. These findings aim to contribute to current debates about intergenerational relationships in contemporary Britain, and the multiple ways in which demographic change, residential immobility and the housing system interact at different scales to produce and promote the spatialities of ageing.

The poster was assessed by an expert jury on the basis of the quality of its content, the richness of information, the clarity of presentation and the way in which the poster is presented at the conference by its authors. The EAPS Poster Awards were presented during the Award ceremony of the closing session at the European Population Conference (see photo below).

Photo of Albert Sabater