University of St Andrews

Research from the CHR featured in Stylist Magazine

Friday 10 June 2016

Research from the Centre for Housing Research (McKee, Hoolachan and Soaita) in collaboration with the University of Sheffield (Moore) was featured in an article in Stylist Magazine: Forever Young - how the housing market is delaying adulthood.

Informed by a recent paper published in the Journal of Youth Studies by the authors, which drew on research projects funded by the Carnegie and Leverhulme Trusts, the article emphasised how the housing market is delaying young people's transition to adulthood.  This in turn creates frustration and disappointment as young people are not able to enjoy the same home and security goals as older people.  Complementing the qualitative data presented in the Youth Studies paper the article also featured quotes from members of the magazine's editorial team who were experiencing similar challenges.

You can read the full article here.