University of St Andrews

DGSD postgraduate student chaired sessions at SGSSS student led symposium

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Noor Saeed, a second year PhD student at DGSD is currently a student representative for the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences (SGSSS).

Along with other SGSSS student reps, Noor organised and led the symposium on Avoiding precarity-strategies for the modern academic, held at Glasgow University on 23-24 May 2016.
Noor chaired an interactive panel discussion on "standing out at the interview" and three other sessions on "challenges in publishing", "how to write-plan for the REF" and "well-being". Among the presenters were Dr Nissa Finney (DGSD PG Research Director), Professor Jamie Pearce (Edinburgh), Dr David Walsh (GCPH), Dr Phil Mackie( ScotPHN), Professor Chris Philo (Glasgow), Dr Jo Ferrie (Glasgow). Dr Nissa Finney gave a talk on "challenges in publishing" and also contributed in the panel discussions. The event was well attended by PhD students from Scottish Universities.
The top photo shows some of the group on a "sociological tour of Glasgow" given by Dr Alistair Fraser on the second day of the event. The lower photo shows Noor Saeed chairing the interactive panel discussion with Nissa Finney and other panellists.
Photo of PG students in Glasgow
Photo of Noor Saeed & panellists