University of St Andrews

CHR Researchers Present at Housing Studies Conference

Wednesday 13 April 2016

DGSD staff, based within the Centre for Housing Research: Kim McKee, Joe Crawford and Jenny Hoolachan, attended the annual Housing Studies Association conference in York earlier this month.

Focused on the over-arching theme of: “Housing at the Extremes: austerity, prosperity and systems change”, the Housing Studies Association event brought together academics, and colleagues from policy and practice for a 3 day gathering.

CHR colleagues were involved in 4 papers:

  • Jenny Hoolachan: Life for Young People in Temporary Accommodation and Implications for ‘Housing First’
  • Joe Crawford and Kim McKee: Understanding Housing Aspirations
  • Kim McKee, Tom Moore, Adriana Soaita and Joe Crawford: Generation Rent and the Fallacy of Choice
  • Jenny Hoolachan, Kim McKee and Tom Moore: Generation Rent and the (In)ability to Settle Down.

A busy and popular conference, which draws researchers from across the UK, it provided CHR colleagues an opportunity to present their emerging ideas from recent research on housing aspirations and ‘generation rent’.