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Flourishing Communities and Productive Seas

Tuesday 01 March 2016

Dr Tim Stojanovic, lecturer in Geography & Sustainable Development and Professor Deborah Peel (a leading UK planning theorist) - along with a team of Scottish academics – have been awarded £22k worth of funding from the Scottish Universities Insight Initiative.

The funding has allowed the team to develop a series of knowledge exchange events in 2015/16 on Marine Spatial Planning.

The events, which have involved public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as community groups, explore a range of issues to support the development of Scotland’s fledgling Marine Spatial Planning system.

The launch of the first Scottish National Marine Plan in 2015 marks a watershed in marine affairs, in which Scotland is a leading player.  The programme developed a trio of knowledge exchange events which explored key concepts in marine planning - and what it means to adopt these for Scotland.

Workshop one (Dundee, 10 November 2015) debated the central theme of Blue Growth, which is high on the agenda Scottish, UK and European context.  It also explored the extent of engagement in Marine Planning.

Workshop two (Aberdeen, 10 December 2015) drew on the experience of wider partnerships which are seeking to implement the Ecosystem Approach.  Turning to methods to put marine planning into practice, we showcased a 3D approach to Social Wellbeing.

Workshop three (Glasgow, 5 February 2016) drew on knowledge from across the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities which can support Flourishing Coastal Communities and Productive Seas.  We debated the challenges of achieving Good Environmental Status.

Outputs and Outcomes

The programme has promoted international experience, reports from a range of current research projects, and exposure to different ways of thinking.  With the aid of Planning Advisory Service Scotland, the workshop series will produce a range of public Guides.  The topic remains high on the agenda with a national conference, SeaScotland, being organised in Dundee 15-16 June 2016

The Department of Geography & Sustainable Development has strong links to these themes in honours teaching, through modules on Coasts GG3271 and Governance for Sustainability SD3222, and through the cross-faculty development of the Scottish Oceans Institute at St Andrews.

Photos from SUII Workshop