University of St Andrews

New Professor of Geography

Thursday 17 December 2015

Congratulations to Professor William Austin (acting Head of Department, DGSD), who was recently inducted as a 'new' professor during the St Andrews Day graduation ceremony, the very last to be presided over by Principal Louise Richardson before her departure to the University of Oxford as their new Vice-Chancellor.

Commenting on his induction, Bill noted that he was honoured to have been appointed Professor of Geography at the University of St Andrews and that he was deeply indebted to his past and present research group and students, who have inspired, encouraged and supported his research interests.
The photograph shows the newly inducted professors after the St Andrews Day graduation ceremony (L-R): Professor Guy Rowlands (History), Professor Clara Ponsati (Economics & Finance), Professor Jens Timmermann (Philosophy), Professor Louise Richardson (Principal & Vice-Chancellor), Professor William Austin (Geography & Sustainable Development), Professor Caroline Humfress (History) and Professor Sir Hew Strachan (International Relations).
Photo of new professors