University of St Andrews

SGSD Blue Carbon researchers working with Scottish Government

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Welcome home to members of the SGSD Blue Carbon research team! They have recently completed a ten-day research cruise aboard MRV Scotia, the Scottish Government’s flagship research vessel.

Working around the clock, the team visited 153 sampling stations from the North Sea and Hebrides region, collecting 133 bottom grab samples, 20 multicores, 27 gravity cores, 4 box cores, and 200 water samples. Professor Bill Austin commented: “This is quite a haul! The successful sampling campaign this summer aboard MRV Scotia will provide valuable resources for our research staff, postgraduate students and an undergraduate project; I’m delighted with the team’s performance at sea.”

The photograph shows SGSD researchers (left to right): Corallie Hunt (PhD student); Simone Riegel (PhD student); Craig Smeaton (postdoctoral research fellow); Kirsty Black (PhD student); and Sophie Conyngham-Greene (Geography final year UG).

Photo of the Blue Carbon research team