University of St Andrews

The Irvine Atlas: SGSD Undergraduate Journal launches inaugural issue

Monday 11 March 2019

On the 26th of February 2019, the Forbes Room filled with nearly fifty scientific journal enthusiasts, supporters of the newly created St Andrews Undergraduate Journal of Geography and Sustainable Development.

This event, the launch party for The Irvine Atlas, was an excellent opportunity to exchange intergenerational views about scientific writing. Attending guests included undergraduates, postgraduates, staff members, professors, friends and family.

The Irvine Atlas is a fresh student-led initiative, supported by Dr Dan Clayton and Dr Matt Sothern, to revive STAG. Even though the St Andrews Geographer (STAG) has been dormant since its formation in the 1970s, its revival as The Irvine Atlas has been a lively venture undertaken by young geographers of all personal and academic backgrounds. The editorial board consists of 15 committed, creative and ambitious undergrads, led by Editors-in-Chief Iga Józefiak, Gabrielle Wolf and Carys Stirling. The mission of The Irvine Atlas is to create a platform that will showcase and archive the excellent work of SGSD (School of Geography and Sustainable Development) students; to inspire our peers to work creatively and join us in this exercise; to integrate all levels of university learning; to ensure accessibility and to legitimise different displays of knowledge. Perhaps the most jarring attribute of this journal is that it is peer-reviewed. Each piece has been reviewed by at least three “peers”: undergraduates, recruited by the editorial board, who had an interest or expertise in an article’s subject. 

The first issue is now available to download by selecting The Irvine Atlas (PDF, 4,153 KB)

After such success, the team does not rest on their laurels and has already called for submissions for the second issue. The second issue will be published June 2019.