University of St Andrews

Best of the Best

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Congratulations to DGSD alumnus Christine McKenna (BSc Geography/Mathematics, 2014) who was awarded the Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize at the Royal Geographical Society's recent Medals celebration.

The Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize (2014) is awarded annually by the RGS to the dissertation judged to be the best by a panel of experts.

Christine's final year physical geography dissertation, which was supervised by Dr Bill Austin (DGSD) with external support from Dr Bee Berx (Marine Scotland), has also won three other prizes: The 2014 Walton Prize, which is awarded annually by a panel of judges on behalf of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in recognition of the best final year undergraduate dissertation in Physical Geography from a Scottish University; the 2014 Edwards Prize recipient in the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development; and the tripartite prize for the UK's best final year undergraduate dissertation in Marine Science 2014, awarded on behalf of the Challenger Society for Marine Science, the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, and the Society for Underwater Technology.

The photograph shows Christine at the RGS, London after receiving her award (photographer: Mark Earthy, RGS).

Photo of Christine McKenna