University of St Andrews

DGSD Postgraduate Annual Conference 2015

Tuesday 12 May 2015

PGR's from the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development hosted their annual conference, a full day event with 16 presentations, organised by postgraduate reps Liam O’Brien and Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs.

As always, the conference was a valuable opportunity for students to share, and receive feedback, on their progress over the past year.  This year also introduced an award for the best presentation, won by Fiona Cunningham, as well as peer-to-peer feedback to encourage the greater exchange of ideas between staff and PGRs.

A list of participants and their presentation titles are summarised below:

  • Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs: Home-ing in on domestic energy research: the meaning of comfort and implications for understanding demand
  • Kirsten Jenkins: Discourses of Energy Justice: First Impressions from the Nuclear System
  • Ryan Holmes: The Political, Economic, and Environmental Implications of LNG as a Marine Fuel and Development Opportunity in the Arctic
  • Esther Lew: Making Sense of the Role of Non State Actors in the Climate Change Negotiation: A Malaysian Perspective
  • Bozena Wielgoszewska: Understanding career pathways and their outcomes
  • Noor Saeed: Analysing geographical variation of morbidity and mortality in relation to proximity from health services across Scotland
  • Vanessa da Silva Brum Bastos: New methodological approaches for cross-scale integration of environmental remotely sensed data with spatio-temporal movement data
  • Lucy Parsons: Ports as catalysts and enablers for wealth creation; specifically the impact of ownership type on the investment in infrastructure and the economic impact on ports’ hinterlands
  • Paula Duffy: The social science of coasts: Characterising of Scottish coastal communities for demographic and social analysis
  • Fiona Cunningham: Vulnerability and Adaption of Scottish Island Communities to the Impacts of Climate-Driven Environmental Change
  • Fabricio Guamán: Quantification of the effects of ocean acidification on benthic foraminifera
  • Craig Smeaton: A Sedimentary Carbon Inventory for a Scottish Sea Loch
  • Thomas Smith: Engagement with Craft in a More-Than-Human World: A Qualitative Exploration of Pathways Between Craft, Sustainability and Well-Being
  • Steven Owen: Volunteer tourism: A host community perspectice.
  • Samantha Cardoso Rebelo Portela: The History of Place-making in APA-LN (Area de Protecao Ambiental Litoral Norte/Area of Environmental Protection Coastal Zone) in the Brazilian Northeast: Land Use and Capitalist Development from Colonial Times to 2014.
  • Liam O’Brien: The seduction of space: negotiating African development through the Chinese imaginary.