University of St Andrews

DGSD staff member joins “The Keepers of Time”

Thursday 23 April 2015

Dr William Austin (Reader in Physical Geography) has been invited to join the International Calibration (IntCal) Working Group as it builds the next global radiocarbon calibration database and curve for the atmosphere and oceans.

Dr Austin, who has a research expertise in marine archives and radiocarbon reservoir corrections, will join a marine focus group within the IntCal community led by Edouard Bard (College de France) and Pieter M. Grootes (Christian-Albrechts Universität). Commenting on his appointment to IntCal from the EGU General Assembly 2015 in Vienna, Dr Austin noted that he was “delighted to accept the invitation to join the focus group and to be working alongside Edouard Bard, Piet Grootes and the whole IntCal team”. Bill added “I have worked on the problem of marine radiocarbon reservoir corrections for nearly 20 years, much of that work supported by research students, research fellows and academic colleagues – I am deeply indebted to all of these people for supporting this long-standing research interest”.

The image shows the front cover of the journal Radiocarbon in which the IntCal work is published; the IntCal98 publication, for example, has attracted nearly 5,000 citations – highlighting its global significance.

Photo of Radiocarbon Cover