University of St Andrews

New Briefing Paper on Devolution, Localism and Social Housing

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Dr Jenny Muir and Dr Kim McKee have published the third and final briefing paper arising from the Big Society, Localism and Housing Policy ESRC funded seminar series.

Entitled “Devolution, Localism and Social Housing Policy” this paper explores the tensions within devolved government, and the growing policy divergence in social housing policy across the four UK jurisdictions.  You can download this open-access briefing paper from the conference website.

You may also be interested in the other briefing papers from our series, which can also be downloaded from the website:

  • Briefing Paper 1: The Big Society and Welfare Reform (McKee, Moore and Muir)
  • Briefing Paper 2: Localism and New Housing Futures (Moore and McKee)