University of St Andrews

Scottish Postgraduate Research Collaboration Network Extended

Tuesday 17 March 2015

William Austin (DGSD) will join a team of supervisors from the Edinburgh Earth and Environment (E3) Doctoral Training Partnership, that will see Christina Larkin (currently working on her MSc at the University of Cambridge with David Hodell) take-up a PhD at the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS) this autumn.

Christina’s field of study will be Neodymium isotopes in Iceland-Scotland overflow waters and the supervisors are Kirsty Crocket (SAMS), Bill Austin (St Andrews/SAMS), Alex Thomas (Edinburgh) and John Howe (SAMS).

Commenting on the award, Bill noted “this is a great example of widening collaboration for the successful operation and vision of the NERC DTPs; I’m delighted at the prospects of working with Christina and the supervisory team on such an exciting project”.