University of St Andrews

ERC Starting Grant 2014 WORKANDHOME

Thursday 12 March 2015

Dr Darja Reuschke and team were awarded a €1.5 Mio ERC Starting Grant: Reshaping society and space: home-based self-employment and businesses (WORKANDHOME). This is the first ever ERC Starting Grant in DGSD.

The motivation for the project is that working from home as self-employed worker or entrepreneur is growing in importance in many countries and is a fundamental indicator of the growing complexities of modern life, where the boundaries between work and home domains and are blurring. The research explores how this transformation of work-residence relations has implications on economic activity, economic spaces, city models, the meaning of the home, the role of the neighbourhood and residential choices.

The research links economic geography, urban geography, housing studies and population geography. It investigates why this type of working has increased and in what areas and how does it shape cities and urban neighbourhoods.

WORKANDHOME will start in June 2015 and run over five years. The team will be interdisciplinary and international: