University of St Andrews

ScotGov Project on Housing Aspirations

Thursday 22 January 2015

Researchers from the Universities of St Andrews and Sheffield, led by Dr Kim McKee, have been commissioned by the Scottish Government to undertake in-depth qualitative research on the housing aspirations of people in Scotland.

The issue of current and future aspirations is critical to ensuring policy delivers housing supply and services that meet the needs and preferences of Scotland’s citizens.  However, a nuanced understanding of household decision-making involves more than simply asking people what house they want to live in and where.  These decisions are not made in a vacuum; rather, ‘choices’ are constrained, and reflect the broader social, economic, cultural and political context in Scotland, with fiscal austerity, welfare reform and precarious labour markets being influential factors at present.  Geography also plays a critical role, both in terms of peoples’ attachment to place and the different housing opportunities that exist in urban and rural areas.

This project will report in August 2015.  For further details please contact the Principal Investigator Dr Kim McKee, Director of the St Andrew’s Centre for Housing Research.