University of St Andrews

CHR Launches New Strategy

Monday 27 October 2014

Following the appointment of Drs Kim McKee and Louise Reid as CHR’s new Directors, the centre has published its revised strategy for 2014-16.

Going forward we will be focusing our research activities on two new strategic themes relating to housing and home: 

• Homes, Families & Communities 
• Places, Policies & Practices 

We will continue to prioritise our longstanding commitment to collaborative, inter-disciplinary research and knowledge exchange, whilst also seeking to internationalise our work and explore new opportunities and partnerships. 

We have a wealth of theoretical, methodological and disciplinary expertise amongst our team of 21 members, which includes 12 core staff engaged in research and/or data projects; 6 Associates; and 3 PhD students. Our work has informed and influenced policy and practice within the fields of housing and regeneration, the third sector, economic development and sustainability from the local, through to the national and international level. 

You can download a PDF of the strategy from the strategy page of our website.