University of St Andrews

New Publication – Volcanic Ash in the Marine Environment

Tuesday 07 October 2014

William Austin, Reader in the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development is lead editor of a new book published this month.

Commenting on the publication of this work entitled Marine Tephrochronology, his fourth edited book, Dr Austin highlighted the significant contribution of St Andrews researchers to this field, noting the work of his former research fellow Dr Peter Abbott as co-editor and the significant number of his former and current St Andrews students: Fiona Hibbert (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Marion Kuhs (St Andrews), Rachel Gwynn (University College London) and Joe Todd (University of Cambridge) who have all contributed papers.

Dr Austin also commented “in an age when we see fewer outlets for publishing scientific research in book format, I must commend the Geological Society of London for their Lyell Collection initiative, which brings together all the papers on a single electronic platform and allowed us, as editors, to ensure that each paper was available online as soon as it was accepted for publication.”