University of St Andrews

Streeter & Davies join virtual institute: Centre for Archaeology, Technology and Cultural Heritage (CATCH)

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Dr Richard Streeter and Dr Althea Davies, lecturers in the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development are part of an exciting new virtual institute across the university.

The multi-disciplinary Centre for Archaeology, Technology and Cultural Heritage (CATCH) unites researchers from seven schools and departments across the university and promotes research that investigates how humans have been influenced by, and changed, their environment. With the newly extended expertise in the Environmental Change Research Group, this centre provides a good forum to make our research accessible to a wide audience and we look forward to providing updates on current and planned work in Iceland and the Peak District looking at long-term changes in ecosystem resilience and the implications for inhabitants and managers, past and present.

Photo: aerial image of soil erosion taken using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during Richard’s recent trip to Iceland.

Photo of soil erosion in Iceland