University of St Andrews

New arrivals in the Environmental Geography group

Thursday 07 August 2014

The start of August saw the arrival of new lecturers Ian Lawson and Katy Roucoux in the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development.

Like Althea Davies (also pictured), both are palaeoecologists specialising in the use of fossil pollen to reconstruct past environments. Ian’s research focuses on human impacts on the environment during the Holocene particularly in Iceland, the Faroes and Greece, while Katy’s research focuses on vegetation responses to climatic change over longer timescales in southern Europe. Both are currently developing their interests in the more recent history and carbon storage potential of tropical peatland ecosystems and are also looking forward to working with colleagues in the school on new research directions. Their arrival, along with three new teaching microscopes purchased from the equipment fund, will strengthen the department’s focus around Environmental Geography.

The photograph below shows from left to right, Katy, Althea and Ian.

Photo of Katy Roucoux, Althea Davies & Ian Lawson