University of St Andrews

Housing ‘Generation Rent’

Tuesday 01 July 2014

Dr Kim McKee, Director of the Centre for Housing Research has secured a small research grant from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to explore the phenomenon of ‘Generation Rent’ in the Scottish context.

‘Generation Rent’ is a phrase popularised by the media and social commentators, and refers to a generation with no realistic prospect of owning their home in the short-term.  This qualitative study with key stakeholders will consider the specific challenges posed by the Scottish housing market.  It is interested in the importance of geography and place on young peoples’ housing trajectories.  This small study builds on a larger UK wide project: Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap, which raises important questions about the transfer of family wealth across generations, and a shift towards asset-based welfare.

For more information please contact the Principal Investigator Dr Kim McKee.

Visit the Centre for Housing Research website.