University of St Andrews

Allan Findlay confirmed as Principal Investigator on ESRC's research centre (CALLS Hub)

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Professor Allan Findlay (DGSD) has been confirmed as Principal Investigator on ESRC's research centre (CALLS Hub) responsible for promoting linkage of census data to other datasets.

The University of St Andrews-based CALLS hub (Census and Administrative data Longitudinal Studies) is funded until 2017 to support, promote and harmonise the work of the UK's three Longitudinal Study Research Support Units (for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Other St Andrews staff from DGSD involved in CALLS include Professor Chris Dibben (Director of the Scottish Longitudinal Study), and Dr Fiona Cox (Project Manager of the CALLS hub).

On March 6th CALLS organised a launch in Westminster of the most recent data set linkage - there was a real sense of excitement amongst the 100 plus policy makers and delegates at the launch about the potential of having the new Census 2011 data linked in to the LSs, allowing a longitudinal perspective to be taken over 40 years on issues as diverse as health outcomes, social mobility and education and occupational performance. The national launch was introduced by Professor Paul Boyle, CEO of ESRC and the linkage  formally announced by Sir Andrew Dilnot.

On Friday 7th March, CALLS Hub also launched in London its Science & Policy Network (SPiNe), which aims to achieve direct societal impact by working together with key policy and third sector organisations to build an evidence base for their work using the UK Longitudinal Studies.