University of St Andrews

Richard Streeter fieldwork in Iceland

Monday 10 March 2014

Richard Streeter, lecturer in Geography & Sustainable Development, recently led fieldwork to Iceland to gather measurements of snow depth and density as part of a project on the comparative island eco-dynamics of Iceland and Greenland. Working with Dr Laura Fletcher (Edinburgh) they visited sites in North and South Iceland.

The data is to calibrate a snow model which will be used to explore changes in winter snow cover over the past 1000 years. Working with archaeologists in Iceland and the USA (City University New York) this will help us understand the challenges that past societies faced from climate change. 

The left photo shows Richard Streeter at the top of a transect in Hörgardalur, North Iceland (Photo by Laura Fletcher); the right photo shows Laura Fletcher (Edinburgh) measuring snow density (Photo by Richard Streeter).

Photo of Richard Streeter in Iceland