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Where does migration sit within the debate over the future of the UK and Scotland?

Friday 14 February 2014

This was the title of the Westminster Breakfast Briefing delivered by colleagues from the Universities of St Andrews and Southampton in London on Friday 14th February.

Dr David McCollum and Professor Allan Findlay along with Centre for Population Change colleague Dr Jakub Bijak, contributed to the COMPAS* Breakfast Briefing which was attended by a varied audience of government representatives, the voluntary sector, academics, policy makers and the media. The event coincided with the release of several Briefing Papers and a Working Paper on the issue of Migration and Constitutional Change.

These Briefing Papers can be found on the Centre for Population Change website – (Briefing Papers 14-17)

Links to the media coverage surrounding these papers can be found at:

*COMPAS - Centre On Migration, Policy And Society, University of Oxford


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