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Hinkley Point C not a done deal yet? Examining the subsidies issue

Wednesday 05 February 2014

Energy subsidies have the potential to dominate the debate in the energy sector in 2014. A UK Government Committee, the Environmental Audit Committee has just released a report on energy subsidies and has called for more clarity on the issue. The EU is also plans to release a report on energy subsidies in 2014 The effect of these report on the development of the Energy Bill as it is continues its development in the House of Commons will be interesting for the future of the energy sector.

The third event in an ESRC seminar series lead by Dr McCauley addresses the multiple dimensions of energy subsidies from a low-carbon economy, a postcrisis and an energy-justice perspective. Given this comprehensive approach, and the combination of interdisciplinary expertise on the issues arising in this field, the event expects to attract a wide international audience of academics, researchers, government officials, businesses and practitioners, with specific interest in the energy and environmental sector.

For more information on the event and the seminar series, please visit the Going Nuclear? website. 

For further details, please contact Darren McCauley

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