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Alastair Stokes wins inaugural DGSD photo competition

Monday 06 January 2014

Congratulations to undergraduate student Alastair Stokes on winning the inaugural Department of Geography & Sustainable Development Photographic Competition.

Alastair receives a book voucher, certificate and print of his winning entry entitled 'Caught in the act'. His photograph also features as photo of the week and as a news item entitled 'New beginnings' on the university web site.

Congratulations also to the 2nd prize winner, Michael Musgrave for his entry 'Recording the days data' and to the joint 3rd prize winners, Isobel Fraser for 'St Marys Loch' and Jed Long for 'Voronoi tesselations'.

The competition was open to all staff and students in the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development and many thanks to all who submitted entries for 2013 and helped make the inaugural competition such a success.

Details for the 2014 competition will be published later this year.


The winning entries are shown below. 

Top: 'Caught in the act, beach profiling near Oban' by Alastair Stokes

Middle: 'Recording the days data' by Michael Musgrave

Lower left: 'St Marys Loch' by Isobel Fraser

Lower right: 'Voronoi tesselations' by Jed Long

Winning entries of DGSD photo competition